About the Beliloveables

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“The Beliloveables are like a breath of fresh air. I adore seeing them dance.”

- Cynthia Gregory, Prima Ballerina, American Ballet Theater

In the tradition of Isadora Duncan’s Isadorables, Ms. Belilove has established a young performing company known as “The Beliloveables.” This talented group of young Duncan dancers ranges in age from 11 to 18. The Beliloveables offer community outreach performances and lecture demonstrations in the tri-state area and join Lori Belilove’s acclaimed Isadora Duncan Dance Company for selected performances and special events.

The Beliloveables are young dancers training to be artists within the Duncan style. The majority of them are home-schooled and are receiving holistic, arts-centered educations similar to those Isadora provided to her students. All of them have been selected for their grace and energetic spirit. They work as an ensemble, training in technique, improvisational studies, and the rich, multi-faceted choreographic reper- toire of Isadora Duncan, all of which provide them with a full education in modern dance. In these classes, the joy of dancing is central, and their technical craft is built over time. The dancers train with an understanding of and appreciation for the full experience of the art of the dance. Each member of the Beliloveables brings her own dreams, stories, and irrepressible spirit to Duncan dance. The Duncan technique, developed from the natural movements of walking, running, skipping, and jumping, while emphasizing the seamless flow from one movement to the next, has proven an ideal conduit for developing artistic voices. Within Isadora’s style, Artistic Director Lori Belilove has created choreographies for the Beliloveables, as Isadora did for her students, reflecting their interconnection as well as their individuality.

In a continually fragmenting world, these young girls are bringing back natural beauty and grace. They have gravitated towards this work because it feeds their souls in a world that needs hope, beauty, joy, and playfulness. With fresh eyes and hearts they are giving new life to Isadora’s work, and just as she once did, astonishing audiences with their simplicity and honesty of movement. Through them, the vigor and relevance of Duncan dance is being seen anew. Recent appearances include educational outreach performances at The Brearley School, The Dalton School, The Spence School, The Calhoun School, Chapin, The Town School, and The Brooklyn Public Library.