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My Life

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Isadora's classic autobiography. The Restored Edition with a new introduction by Joan Acoccella.

Copyright 1927 by Boni & Liveright, Inc.

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The Art of the Dance

Isadora Duncan, edited with introduction by Sheldon Cheney Forewords by Raymond Duncan, Eva LeGallienne, Max Eastman, others.

“The Bible of Isadora Duncan dance technique and philosophy!” - Lori Belilove

Bound photocopy (original out-of-print)

Copyright 1969 by Theater Arts Books/ New York

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Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography


Sabrina Jones, with foreword by Lori Belilove

Myth and controversy still swirl around the dramatic figure of Isadora Duncan. The pioneering modern dancer emerged from provincial nineteenth-century America to captivate the cultural capitals of Europe, reinvent dance as a fine art, and leave a trail of scandals in her wake. From her unconventional California girlhood to her tragic death on the French Riviera fifty years later, Duncan’s journey was an uncompromising quest for truth, beauty, and freedom.

Here Duncan’s art and ideas come vividly to life. Each page is a unique dance of words and images, reflecting Duncan’s courage, passion, and idealism in a way sure to inspire another generation of admirers. Signed copies available.

2008, Hill & Wang Hardcover 

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Isadora: A Sensational Life


Peter Kurth

A fully researched account of the remarkable life of Isadora Duncan. Isadora: A Sensational Life, has earned high praise from the New York Times. The Library Journal calls it “a luminous portrait, aglow with the details of Isadora’s life and times." Drawing from extensive research of major archival sources in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, including several private collections and unpublished manuscripts, Mr. Kurth has created a compelling portrait of an intelligent, complicated, conflicted woman.

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Copyright 2001 Little Brown and Company/ New York Paperback 

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Isadora Speaks: Writings and Speeches of Isadora Duncan


Edited and introduced by Franklin Rosemont

This outstanding collection of the great dancer’s heretofore uncollected writings and speeches gives us a vivid new perception of her importance as an original and radical thinker. Features her outspoken views on America, Revolutionary Russia, education and the arts, life with Serge Esenin, love, women’s emancipation, and dance as a radical force capable of transforming the world and changing life.

Copyright 2001 by Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, Chicago IL

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The Search for Isadora: The Legend & Legacy of Isadora Duncan


Lillian Lowenthal re-appraises Isadora’s significance as one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century in dance, education, art, fashion, and women’s liberation. Features chapters on all six of the Isadorables.



A Dance Horizons Book. 

Copyright 1993 by Princeton Book Co.

Pennington, NJ

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Done Into Dance: Isadora Duncan in America


Ann Daly

Reveals Duncan enmeshed in the social and cultural context of her time. Ideas about nature, beauty, and expression, her association with feminism and her racial notion of "Americanness.”

Copyright 1995 by Indiana University Press, Indianapolis

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Julia Levien

Drawings of Duncan dances and text. Rediscover the dances of Isadora Duncan in these images drawn from the personal experience of this second-generation Duncan dancer.



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Sous le Signe D’Isadora


Musée Bourdelle

Text in French. Features renderings of Isadora Duncan by Antoine Bourdelle and some of his pupils including Auguste Rodin.

High-quality bound copy (original out-of-print)

Copyright Musée Bourdelle, 1966.

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Modern Gestures: Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan Dancing


Ann Cooper Albright

Watercolors by a modernist master capture the beginnings of modern dance.This small and beautifully illustrated book showcases the work of two great American modernists, painter Abraham Walkowitz and dancer Isadora Duncan. Born in the same year (1878), both artists influenced the development of modern art in the early twentieth century by blending figurative gesture with abstraction. Duncan grew up in a free-spirited and artistic household in California and then moved to Europe. Walkowitz immigrated to the United States from Russia when he was a child and lived most of his life in New York City, where he studied at Cooper Union School and the National Academy of Design.

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Anna Duncan: I Isadoras fotspar


(Anna Duncan: In the footsteps of Isadora)

Chapters written by Anna Duncan, Kathleen Quinlan, Edwin Ver Becke, Julia Levien, Anna Kisselgoff and others. In English and Swedish.

Copyright 2010 Dansmuseet, (The Dance Museum and the authors), Stockholm


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In Isadora's Steps


Lily Dikovskaya, with Gerard M-F Hill The story of Isadora Duncan's school in Moscow, told by her favorite pupil.

Hardcover, 336 pages.

Copyright 2008 Lily Dikovskaya.

Book Guild Publishing, Great Britain

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Isadora: Portrait of the Artist as a Woman

Fredrika Blair

Definitely scholarly but not at all academic or stodgy, this book recounts a whirlwind life that began in San Fransisco and sped to Chicago, New York, and then triumphantly throughout capitals of Europe. This is a thoughtful yet colorful popular biography that affords both intellectual and gossip-mongering pleasure.
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Headlong Through Life: The Story of Isadora Duncan



Ean Wood 

Ean Wood tells the whole life-story of Isadora Duncan with fascinating detail and revealing anecdotes.

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Modernism’s Mythic Pose: Genre, Gender, Solo Performance


Carrie J. Preston

Carrie Preston visited The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation, browsed our historical archives, took classes, and interviewed the Company directors for her thesis in 2005 titled: The Motor in the Soul: Isadora Duncan’s Solo Performance, one of the centerpieces of this wonderful study in modernism. 

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