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The Art of The Dance


Isadora Duncan, edited with introduction by Sheldon Cheney Forewords by Raymond Duncan, Eva LeGallienne, Max Eastman, others.

“The Bible of Isadora Duncan dance technique and philosophy!” - Lori Belilove

Bound photocopy (original out-of-print)

Copyright 1969 by Theater Arts Books/ New York

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Duncan Dance: A Guide for Young People Ages 6-16


Julia Levien

Easy-to-follow guide to Duncan technique with instructions for five original Duncan dances.

A Dance Horizons Book. Princeton Book Co., Pennington, NJ




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Isadora and the Ancient Greeks


Lesson Plan #1: The Bouncy Run - Atalanta and the Golden Apples

Lori Belilove and Cherlyn Smith

The first instructional booklet providing a step by step lesson plan on the technique of the Mother of Modern Dance, as designed by the foremost interpreter of Isadora Duncan, Lori Belilove. For the first time, a guide to Isadora's movement style, with easy descriptions, beautiful photos and illustrations, stories and information, capturing the essence of Isadora.

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The Technique of Isadora Duncan


Irma Duncan

Lessons, photographs and instructional illustrations on the technique of Isadora Duncan, as taught by Irma Duncan. This is a high-quality bound copy of an unabridged republication of the first edition published in 1937 by Kamin Publishers, New York.

The original is now out-of-print.

35 pages. 

Copyright 1970 by Irma Duncan Rogers 

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