Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation

History, Vision, Overview

Today the notion still exists that when Isadora died, her dancing died with her. It is, however, through the dancers in her school and performing companies throughout the world that Duncan’s art continues as a classic contribution to the world of dance — reaching far beyond her own lifetime — affecting the very core of today’s concept of dance.

Foundation Prospectus

The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation (IDDF) was founded by third generation Duncan dancer, Lori Belilove to extend the historical legacy of Isadora Duncan’s impact of the art of the dance. The Foundation seeks to expand public awareness and understanding of the legendary American dancer Isadora Duncan, the “mother of modern dance,” known as an important figure in both the arts and history, a world-famous performer and choreographer, an innovator, a feminist, educator, author, and philosopher.

Under the vision of Artistic Director Lori Belilove, the Foundation operates three wings of activity that bring the unique vitality of Isadora Duncan dance to audiences worldwide. As a third generation Duncan dancer, Lori Belilove’s direct lineage and prestigious performing career have earned her an international reputation as the premier interpreter and ambassador of the dance of Isadora Duncan. Belilove was trained by first and second generation Duncan dancers who performed with Isadora and studied in the Isadora and Elizabeth Duncan Schools in Germany, France, Russia, and America.

Belilove is further inspired to collaborate with costume and scene designers, composers, filmmakers, and multi-media artists. IDDF’s workshops, teacher training, and certification programs are preparing future generations of dancers and teachers to carry on the Duncan legacy. Our educational and community outreach programs reach students and audiences of diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, and economic statuses in the United States and abroad.

The Company’s current performance repertoire includes more than 80 original Isadora Duncan dances. The Company’s programs are conceived, developed and realized by Lori Belilove for contemporary audiences. Using state-of-the–art technology, the Company often weaves the life story of Isadora Duncan in programs with her choreographies. IDDF supports the creation of new works by Lori Belilove, inspired by Isadora’s technique yet wholly contemporary in voice, setting, and sensibility.

The Foundation operates under three main branches of activity: The Performing Wing, which offers public performances by the resident performing company, Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company, as well as the junior troupe, The Beliloveables, The Educational Wing, which offers educational programs that train future generations of Duncan dancers and teachers and The Archival and Historical Wing which supports the Foundation’s archival collections by preserving and documenting all aspects of the Duncan legacy.

Breathing new life into Isadora’s legendary solos and group works through public performances and residencies, The Foundation’s resident performing company is dedicated to nurturing creative new choreography while keeping Isadora’s original works alive as priceless jewels of American modern dance.

The Board of Directors and Artistic Advisors, composed of numerous dance luminaries, historians, and advocates, formed the organization to give the general public and dance community a deeper understanding of the artistic heritage of Isadora Duncan.