Teacher Training

“Lori Belilove has developed a program that follows the lead of Duncan herself. Belilove recognizes the need for dancers to educate themselves, to be broad thinkers, to study history and question the norm. The program includes practical work in the learning, teaching and performance of the Duncan material and, to inform and enrich such work, required readings and the viewing of relevant films and videos. Belilove’s conception of the certification program is excellent and could very appropriately be a part of a university dance program because of its breadth, depth and rigor. This program can significantly contribute to our understanding and furtherance of the Duncan heritage.”
– Nancy Lee Ruyter, Professor of Dance, University of California at Irvine; Author 
of Reformers and Visionaries: the Americanization of the Art of the Dance


Certification is offered at two levels:

  • Basic Studies Certification prepares dancers to teach the dance of Isadora Duncan to children and non-professional adults.
  • Advanced Studies Certification prepares dancers with ample Duncan knowledge to teach students at all levels and to perform selected repertory.

The incentive for offering the Certification Program is to establish studies in Duncan’s work for the purposes of teaching and, in some cases, performing. Designed as a 2 to 4-year program, the aim is to give students an opportunity to study and achieve a deep understanding of the Duncan technique and teaching pedagogy. The program is designed so that those who have completed the Basic or Advanced Level Certification Program will maintain an ongoing relationship with artistic director, Lori Belilove, the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation and members of The Isadora Duncan Dance Company. Candidates and Certified dancers may be invited to teach at the Duncan Foundation and affiliate programs in participating schools. Students who have completed the Advanced Studies program may have opportunities to teach or perform, on a referral basis, at other dance schools and institutions requesting Duncan Dance.

Upon completion of approximately half of the required classes, candidates can move into the Mentoring Program. Students will be assigned a mentor to outline a final project to be completed within six months. The mentor will work with the candidate to create an appropriate final project and to see it through to completion. This may include practice teaching sessions and/or coaching for performance, depending on the project. Mentors will be drawn from the teaching faculty of the Foundation and senior members of Lori Belilove’s Isadora Duncan Dance Company.

For more information and to receive a list of requirements for completion, contact the Foundation at 
212-691-5040 or info@isadoraduncan.org