I’ve never taken a Duncan dance class before. What should I wear?


Something comfortable and non-restricting. A t-shirt and sweatpants will do for a start. A leotard is also good if you are comfortable with that. Perhaps, with time, you will be inspired to join one of our tunic making workshops and create a tunic for yourself.

I have danced for years and am proficient but have never experienced Duncan movement. What level is appropriate for me?


It is always appropriate to take some beginning level classes to understand the style, as we break it down very thoroughly at that level. But if you are a very experienced or professional level dancer, then it may also be a great opportunity for you to join some advanced and/or Company level classes, which are available with the instructors’ permission.

I’m really excited and want to immerse myself in this work. How should I do that?


Begin taking classes at any time, but the Intensives we offer are the best immersion in Isadora’s technique and repertory. 

Is it really a technique?


Yes, absolutely!  Our classes consist of some opening movements on the floor followed by standing and weight shifting movement and a full series of barre work, and completed by traveling and jumping movements across the floor. Additionally, we often include practice in improvisation in the Duncan style, which is also very important.