Can I try out a dance class before registering for the full semester?

YES! For any adult class, you may purchase a single class card for your first class. If you enjoy the class, you can continue to purchase a single-class card, or take advantage of our multi-class card offerings. All class cards expire on the last class of the same term.

If you would like your child to try a class, s/he may try one class for free. Contact us to confirm a date and time. If your child enjoys the class and would like to continue, registration must be completed on or before the third week of each eight-week session. Because class sizes are limited, only registration ensures a place in class. Participation in a sample class does not guarantee placement.


Can I start taking classes in the middle of a semester or do I have to sign up from the beginning?

Adults are welcome to start dancing any time by purchasing a single-class card or multi-class card.

Children must register for the full semester. New students will not be accepted after the third week of class and must wait until the following session to join.


If I register for a class and miss one, am I allowed to do a make-up?

We are not able to provide make-up classes or issue refunds to students for classes missed due to illness, emergencies, acts of God, or other events beyond our control.


How do I know which level to sign up for?

It is always appropriate to take open-level classes to understand the style, as we break it down very thoroughly at that level. But, if you are a very experienced or professional-level dancer, then it may also be a great opportunity for you to join Company-level classes, which are available with the instructors’ permission. Contact us to request permission.

Children must be the specified age for class by the date the first class meets.


Do you rent studio space for rehearsals?



Is there a dress code for the class? Where do I buy the clothing?

Camisole, leotard, and bare feet. Tunics are optional and available through instructor the first day of class. Cost: $30. To order in advance, contact us.


As a member of the YMCA, am I eligible for any discounts?

Yes. McBurney YMCA offers a discount of full semester registration for YMCA members. Adult class is free for members; children’s class is $110 per 8-week session, and you must register for the full session to be eligible for the discount.


Do I need to be a member of McBurney YMCA to take a dance class?

No. Anyone can register for dance classes or purchase class cards, regardless of membership with the YMCA.


Is it really a technique?

YES! Our classes begin on the floor with fluid warm-up movements and breathing exercises. The class progresses to standing with weight shifting movements and a full series of barre work. It is completed by traveling and jumping movements across the floor. We do also very often include practice of improvisation in the Duncan style, which is also very important.