β€œTo dance is to live. What I want is a school of life.” – Isadora Duncan

The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation provides educational programs that teach the dance technique and repertory of Isadora Duncan with ongoing technique classes, intensive workshops, basic teacher training, apprenticeship programs with The Isadora Duncan Dance Company, as well as certification programs in Basic and Advanced Studies in the Dance of Isadora Duncan. The Foundation is also involved in successful community outreach and residency activities throughout the country and on international tours.

As taught by Artistic Director Lori Belilove, members of The Company and teaching faculty, our approach to Duncan Dance is made accessible to all ages and skill levels. This dance form sets itself apart with unique musicality and beautiful, flowing movement.


What is Isadora Duncan Dance?

Lori Belilove responds: “A lyrical, free-flowing, and highly musical form of modern dance. The style, created by the California-born Duncan in the early 20th century, stresses expressivity, creativity, musicality, and the beauty of the human form. Isadora’s moving beauty is something to be seen and experienced.”