The following Technical Requirements are necessary to effectively present Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company or the junior troupe The Beliloveables in concert. Please review the enclosed Technical Questionnaire.  The information you supply will be used to determine our specific our specific technical needs for your performance.  We will then contact you to work out all the details related to your presentation of the Company.


  1. The Company will require the exclusive use of the theater, stage and crew (including dressing rooms and all sound and lighting equipment) from the beginning of the first load-in until the final departure.  NOTE:  if the performance is to occur in the evening (after 7pm), the Company will need access to the facility from 9am until Midnight of performance for load-in, teach, classes, rehearsal, staging, performance and load-out.  If the performance is a matinee, the Company will need four hours to access on the day before the performance in addition to the hours required on the performance day, as specified above. (Please see attached sample performance day schedule for specifics.)

  2. The theater or auditorium should be kept at a minimum temperature of 68 degrees and a maximum of 85 degrees to ensure the health and safety of the artists.  A sprung marley dance floor should be provided by the sponsor and laid upon a floor suitable for dance.   (The Company cannot perform on concrete.

  3. The stage area required is as follows*:

    Onstage Width (Stage Right legs to Stage Left legs): 40'
    Onstage Depth (Plaster Line to Cyclorama): 30'
*The Company reserves the choice of programming when the theater is smaller than the required dimensions.

The stage and backstage areas (including upstage crossover area) should be clear and clean before the company's arrival.


For extended runs or residencies, The Company will require the use of a room with a sprung floor (at least 40'x30') for rehearsals while in your area.