Performance Packages

The Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation (IDDF) offers residencies that feature a combination of the following programs and can be combined with master classes, rare historical archival film screenings with lectures and lecture-demonstrations of the Duncan technique. Each one of our programs can be tailor-made to meet your needs and budget. Please contact us at 212-691-5040 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Art of Isadora

Programs A & B - Choreography by Isadora Duncan

The Art of Isadora features fourteen masterpieces choreographed by Isadora Duncan revealing the astonishing creativity of her life, set against the revolutionary fervor of her art, told in her own words and theatrically staged by Lori Belilove. The program encompasses a selection, from the early lyrical dances (solos, duets, trios and ensemble dances) to the symphonic heroic group works, and lastly the later tragic solos. Program A illuminates Isadora'a complex personality, her politics and tragic losses, while Program B is more family friendly. Both entertain and deliver a rich experience of Isadora's art. These classic programs can also be created around a given theme such as an all Chopin program or all waltzes (Schubert, Chopin, Brahms) or three movements of Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony. 

The Company can perform in versatile environments and non-traditional theater spaces, including outdoor locations. Running time is flexible and can run from 60 to 90 minutes to 120 minutes with intermissions. Recent venues include Judson Memorial Church, NY, and festivals in Italy, Budapest, Malta, Sardinia, Mexico City, Canada, Korea, West Africa, and Moscow. See reviews page.

Isadora Into the 21st Century 

Duncan choreography and contemporary works by Belilove

Isadora Into the 21st Century is a program that illuminates the evolution of Isadora's ideas, technique and philosophy through a combination of dancing, historical commentary and narration. The program offers an enlightening journey, from Isadora‘s early lyrical dances, symphonic heroic group works, and later, tragic solos, to the fresh and contemporary choreography of Artistic Director, Lori Belilove. This program will require a venue that meets the technical specifications of our dance company. Recent venues include Symphony Space, NY, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, University of Florida at Gainsville, FL, and Mills College, CA.

Isadora...No Apologies

Isadora…No Apologies is a dance-theatre tribute to the genius of modern dance, chronicling and dramatizing Isadora's cultural, historical, political, and artistic influences and how they combined to forge her ascent to “American Icon” status. The approximately 90-minute production is intended to clarify Isadora‘s incredible achievements as a pioneer of women‘s and children‘s rights, of education and child labor reforms, and of political and artistic freedom. This is a theatrical production that appeals to all generations and can be followed by a Q&A. See reviews page. Recent venues include Duke on 42nd Street Theatre, NYC, Mills College, Oakland CA, and Hollywood Cultural Center, FL.

From Stage to Page,

with Lori Belilove and Sabrina Jones

Lori Belilove and Sabrina Jones, author of Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography (Hill & Wang, 2008) present an evening of dance, digital slides, and lively discussion about Isadora's life and art. Recent venues include Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY, and Dance New Amsterdam, NY.

The Sensational Life & Art of Isadora Duncan

with Lori Belilove and Peter Kurth

The Sensational Life & Art of Isadora Duncan combines the nuanced and radiant dancing of Lori Belilove with the historical and insightful readings of Peter Kurth, author of the acclaimed biography, Isadora: A Sensational Life. This presentation explores the heart and soul of the controversial and exciting life and work of Isadora Duncan. Recent venues include New York Public Library, NY, and Harold Washington Library, IL.

Lecture Demonstration

Lecture Demonstrations (Travelling Salon Performances) by Lori Belilove & The Isadora Duncan Dance Company include performance of solo and group repertory with an educational lecture on the social, political, and historical background involved in the creation of the Duncan works presented. Dramatic readings of Isadora's writings further enrich the presentation. The technique and training used in preparing dancers to perform in the Duncan style is demonstrated. The presentation emphasizes Isadora Duncan's life and art in relation to disciplines as diverse as theater, art history, classical studies, music, education, women‘s studies, and Greek Mythology.

The EveryWoman Series:

The Red ThreadContemporary work by Lori Belilove

The EveryWoman Series: The Red Thread is an emotionally charged suite of dances, a dynamic fusion of Duncan-inspired movements and contemporary ballet, further inspired by the earthbound disciplines of African, Middle Eastern, Latin, and Asian dance. The evening-length work, choreographed by Lori Belilove, explores the feelings and experiences of women at different phases of their lives; as children, maidens, mothers, guardians, and wise women, and takes the audience on a journey illuminating the universal humanity and untold stories of us all.