Educational Programs

From Stage to Page

 with Lori Belilove and Sabrina Jones

Lori Belilove and Sabrina Jones, author of Isadora Duncan: A Graphic Biography (Hill & Wang, 2008) present an evening of dance, digital slides, and lively discussion about Isadora's life and art. Recent venues include Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY, and Dance New Amsterdam, NY.

The Sensational Life & Art of Isadora Duncan

with Lori Belilove and Peter Kurth

The Sensational Life & Art of Isadora Duncan combines the nuanced and radiant dancing of Lori Belilove with the historical and insightful readings of Peter Kurth, author of the acclaimed biography Isadora: A Sensational Life. This presentation explores the heart and soul of the controversial and exciting life and work of Isadora Duncan. Recent venues include New York Public Library, Chapman University and the Harold Washington Library in Chicago.

Peter Kurth’s latest endeavor, Isadora: A Sensational Life, has earned high praise from the New York Times. The Library Journal calls it “a luminous portrait, aglow with the details of Isadora’s life and times". Drawing from extensive research of major archival sources in New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, including several private collections and unpublished manuscripts, Mr. Kurth has created a compelling portrait of an intelligent, complicated, conflicted woman. Peter is also a contributing writer for Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Observer, and other publications. He lives in Vermont.

Lori Belilove’s direct lineage and prestigious performing career have earned her an international reputation as the premier interpreter and ambassador of the dance of Isadora Duncan. She has been hailed as" of the most impassioned and authentic Duncan interpreters around."  Janice Ross, of the Oakland Tribune, Through her performances, master classes, and workshops, children, college students and professional dancers have experienced the purity, timelessness, authentic phrasing, and musicality that has been passed down to Lori through the direct line of Isadora Duncan dancers.

Dancer, adventurer, and ardent defender of the free spirit, Isadora Duncan is one of the most enduring influences on contemporary culture and can be credited with inventing what came to be known as Modern Dance. With free- flowing costumes, bare feet, and loose hair, she took to the stage inspired by the ancient Greeks, the music of classical composers, the wind and the sea. Isadora elevated the dance to a high place among the arts, returning the discipline to its roots as a sacred art. Duncan shed the restrictive corsets of the Victorian era and broke away from the vocabulary of the ballet. Stepping out of the dance studio with a vision of the dance of the future, Isadora embraced artists, philosophers, and writers as her teachers and guides.

Lecture Demonstrations

Lecture-Demonstrations (Travelling Salon Performance) by the Isadora Duncan Dance Company include performance of solo and group repertory with an educational lecture by Lori Belilove on the social, political, and historical background involved in the creation of the Duncan works presented. Dramatic readings of Isadora's writings further enrich the presentation. The technique and training used in preparing dancers to perform in the style is demonstrated. The presentation can emphasize Isadora Duncan's life and art in relation to disciplines as diverse as theater, art history, classical studies, music, education, women‘s studies, and Greek Mythology.